Function: Provides sufficient stocks of hygienic linens for hospital use. Headed by: Housekeeping Chief Responsible to: Chief Administrative Officer Require services from: Supply and Property, Engineering and Maintenance Provide services to:

All Hospital Wards and Offices Responsibilities:

  1. Directs and coordinates periodic inventory of linens.
  2. Projects linen and other materials requirements of the units and recommends purchase to maintains sufficient stocks for patients’ use.
  3. Recommends policies, standards, and guidelines on the proper utilization and disposition of linens.
  4. Ensures the efficient collection of soiled linens from and distribution of clean linens to the different units/offices in the hospital.
  5. Undertakes repair and/or recycling of linens and similar materials.

General Policies:

  1. The Linen and Laundry Services Unit (LLSU) shall be responsible in the inventory of all hospital linens
  2. The LLSU shall initiate the procurement of hospital linens upon review and monitoring of the shortage of linens
  3. The LLSU shall maintain an adequate documentation, accounting and control of hospital linens, laundry supplies and equipment.
  4. The LLSU shall have representation in the Infection Control Committee.
  5. Isolation and sanitation techniques should always be employed in the dropping of soiled linens with consideration that all soiled linens are INFECTIOUS.
  6. The LLSU designated supervisor/head shall be directly responsible for the unit’s operations, thus responsible in the establishment of quality control standards and procedures in the receipt of washed linens upon delivery.
  7. All releases and receipts of laundry from the contractor shall be properly accounted for and thoroughly inspected in accordance to the terms of agreement as prescribed in the contract.
  8. Delivery and acceptance of washed linens must be strictly limited only to hygienic and no foul odor items.
  9. Evaluates the quarterly performance of the outsource, and recommends appropriate action to the management if it performs below standards.


1. Linen and Laundry Unit Staff on duty shall only release linens to a specified hospital client/patient. No request for linen shall be acted upon if the identity of the recipient is not NAMED. The staff shall exhaust all means to get the name of the recipient of the linen prior to release and shall record the same to their outgoing registry.

2. Linen and Laundry Unit Staff on duty shall make sure that all linen and return slips carried by personnel from the wards shall only be received if the printed name is readable, if not, the person returning the linens shall personally rewrite his/her name legibly. No return slips shall be accepted in the absence of a readable name of the person returning the dirty/used linens.