1. Ensure safety at all times of all hospital patients, facilities/properties and personnel.

2. Maintain peace and order, and

3. Enforce hospital rules and regulations.

Headed by: Designated Government Chief Security

Responsible to: Chief Administrative Officer

Require services from: Budget, Supply

Provided services to: All Hospital Management and Staff


1. Responsible for the provision of safety and security to hospital patients, the personnel, the visitors, the facilities, and the hospital properties at all time;

2. Initiates the development and implementation of policies, procedures and standards relative to policies security matters.

3. Directs and coordinates the enforcement of laws, rules and regulations and the maintenance of peace and order within the hospital premises.

4. Regulars and controls the issuance of identification cards and gate passes to hospital users.

5. Controls and regulates the movement of vehicles and personnel within the hospital.

6. Directs and coordinates the conduct of investigation on reported Incidents and violations.

7. Submits reports of unusual incidents and violation of rules.

8. Coordinates with the Nursing and Medical Division on matters of restraining patients

9. Assists clients with regard to ward or office direction

10. Turn over to proper authorities persons who were found to have committed, theft, burglary, nuisance, scandal, among others within the hospital premises


1. The Hospital Security Unit shall be responsible in the enforcement of rules and regulations to maintain the hospital security and peace and order.

2. The security services shall be in accordance to the Division Manual including the terms and conditions set forth in the contract with the Agency Security Services in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

3. The Hospital Security Unit shall supervised the agency security services to effectively serve the hospital various security posts are adequately manned and armed.

4. The security services shall include close monitoring and recording of incoming and outgoing of clients, vehicles, and personnel within the vicinity of the health care institution.

5. The Hospital Security Unit shall have access to keys of offices subject to proper recording, endorsement and limited only to emergency conditions without prejudice to any liability for losses of said offices if found to be guilty of theft, and pilferage upon lawful investigation. Issuance of hospital keys shall be limited to responsible security officers. A written record of keys authorized and issued shall be maintained by the Security Unit.

6. The Security Unit shall maintain an adequate patrol of the hospital premises. A logbook of inspections and patrols conducted shall be maintained. Any accidents or incident occurring during the shift shall be reported and investigated.

7. The security unit shall establish and implement a Hospital Security program and conduct security education and or orientation to obtain cooperation from hospital personnel.

8. The Security Unit shall maintain an adequate and accurate documentation and inventory of arms and ammunition.

9. The Security Unit shall coordinate with the housekeeping, engineering and maintenance units in the preparation and conduct of a Disaster Preparedness Plan.

10. The hospital administration through the Health Emergency Management Services establishes a maximum degree of security within the hospital especially on disaster and epidemic preparedness.


1. A 24-hour security guard in every post based on approved schedule.

2. Strict implementation of the following policies: “No ID, No Entry” “No Car Pass, No Parking Policy “ “ No Gate Pass, No Garbage Hauling” “No Gate Pass, No Exit” of all outgoing supplies, materials and property. “No Media Pass, No Entry” “No Cadaver Release Form, No Exit”

3. Strict implementation First Come First Served in generic Parking Spaces.

4. Escorts home conduction of Psyche and folkless patients on official order

5. Strict enforcement of the prescribed visiting hours and control of visitors

6. A weekly monitoring of security services in Pototan Mental Health Unit.

7. A regular meeting between agency head guards and government guards at least once-a month.

8. Mandatory roving in different areas of responsibilities

9. Investigation on crime-incident reports committed inside the hospital premises shall be mandatory. Incident report must be properly and timely filed before the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer.