The Hospital Finance Division was created by Joint Circular No. 2013-1 dated September 23, 2013, the Revised Standards on Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern of Government Hospitals, CY 2013 Edition. It aims to strengthen the management, operating systems and organizational structure of the hospital and the use of cost effective and appropriate technology in the delivery of hospital services. This is also in compliant with the minimum DOH licensing requirements, Philhealth accreditation and new hospital licensing category. It provides services to the Medical, Nursing and Hospital Operation and Patients Support Division.

Finance Division is responsible for the provision of necessary and timely financial services such as accounting, budgeting, cash operations, and billing and claims. It shall provide timely financial reports to the management for decision making purposes.


Office of the Finance Management Officer

The Finance Management Officer II oversees the financial operations of the Medical Center. It shall be tasked to improve revenue generating capacity and to seek and focus on optimal financing, allocation and control of all resources of the healthcare organization.It prepares analysis on the financial reports for the management’s decision making. It administers the four offices, the Accounting, Budget, Cash Operations and Billing and Claims.



The Accounting Office, under the direct supervision of the Accountant IV requires services from the Budget, Procurement and Materials Management Office, Cash and the Billing and claims unit to ensure that preparation of financial statements (trial balance, cash flow, statement of income and expenses, and government equity) are correctly prepared and submitted on time in accordance with appropriate Accounting system.



Preparation of the Annual Work and Financial Plan is the responsibility of the Budget Office to control and monitor the utilization of funds in accordance with the appropriate guidelines set by the Department of Budget and Management. Provides fund estimates for Hospital programs and project.


Cash Operations

Ensures proper cash management and implement the prescribed disbursements systems and procedures. Collecting Staff were assigned in the Pharmacy, the OPD and in the main administration office for the convenience of the clients. There is a 24-hour duty of the staff to cater to the needs of the general public. Electronic cash collection is now practiced to speed up the flow of transactions.


Billing and Claims

 Hospital bills and claims are processed in this Unit. Thesemi-automated billing system is online with the Admitting, OPD-In and Out Records, Laboratory, X-ray, Central Supply Room, Cashier and the Pharmacy. Pay patients are regularly provided with partial billings so they can prepare for their final bills. Data on bills rendered are provided to the Accounting Office. It closely coordinates with the Social Welfare Office for the classification of patients, and the PHIC staff for patients’ medicare assistance. The Billing/Claims Office needs services from the Nursing Unit, the Medical, the Social Service, the Admitting Unit and various cost centers for the accuracy of their billing statements.



A UNIFIED Finance Staff for Excellent Healthcare

Vision Statement:      

An efficient and dynamic Hospital Finance Division empowered with commitment, compassion and integrity for the delivery of quality healthcare.



The Hospital Finance Division ensures excellent services to the clients through professionalism, continuing education, performance evaluation, efficient revenue generation, and rational allocation and utilization of resources.



WISDOM       - A WVMC Finance Staff should be learned, knowledgeable of the job, the            institution and one’s self.

VIRTUE        - A WVMC Finance Staff should be upright and commendable in character.

MERCY         - A WVMC Finance staff should be compassionate and kind to himself and to all clients as how Christian should be.

COURAGE   - A WVMC Finance Staff should have the strength to lead and do for the betterment of the clients, the institution and the country. 



 The Western Visayas Medical Center is dedicated to fulfill the highest health care services to exceed the public’s expectations as we commit to:

Provide compassionate, culture friendly, effective, efficient, affordable and integrated health care system to all clients.

Comply to all pertinent law, legal orders and regulatory requirements in consonance with the health care programs and practices of the Department of Health.

Strengthen the comprehensive education, training and research opportunities for medical and paramedical professionals, trainees and affiliates for competency and discipline as future health care providers.

Promote and impose courtesy for a stronger relationship among co-workers and the general public,

Continually enhance our skills, improve our facilities, upgrade our equipment, and sustain the availability of safe and quality drug, medicines and supplies,

Ensure that processes, objectives and targets are constantly improved to achieve maximum efficiency.





To continuously monitor the revenue in support to the medical center’s objectives to increase revenue at a reasonable cost.

To ensure timely, accurate and reliable financial reports for management decision making.

To properly allocate available resources based on approved guidelines, policies and priorities.

To develop linkages with GO’s, NG’s, PO’s and GOCC’s



Renders support services to healthcare providers, clients, other government and non-government agencies, professional groups and others requiring assistance; and

Provides internal financial management, patient support services and general services.