History and Background

the department of dental medicine started to operate in 1950 with Dr. Maxima B. Lamprea as dentist. She retired from service in 1992. Dr. Marieta. Malabor served as dentist up to 1985. Dr. Rey V. Aparicio from 1975 up to 2005. Dr. Anafe Molinos Perez ook his place as the chief of the Department of Dental Medicine from 2005 up to the present.

The department of dental medicine clinic is situated at the second level of the outpatient department and is presently manned by five (5) dentists: Dr. Anafe M. Perez, Dentist V and Chairman of the Department; Dr. Marie Therese J. Robles, Dentist III and consultant of the Ear, Nose, and Throat – Head and Neck Surgery (ENT-HNS); Dr. Paul S. Ardeña, Dentist III; Dr. Nenita G. Villanueva, Dentist II; and Dr. Jeremiah D. Sebastian, Dentist II with Ms. Evelyn S. Gange, Mr. Raymond H. Sabit, and Mr. Rio P. Darullo, Dental Aides.

The Western Visayas Medical Center, department of dental medicine is tasked to developed and operational manual that may be used to serve as a standard reference material to aid dental practitioners in following standard operating procedures and reference guide in management and practice of dental health service delivery.

This will provide guidelines in performance of duties and responsibilities of dental personnel outline the necessary steps ineffective and efficient operations within this department, suggests procedures and approaches for dental staff to provide useful information for proper decision making.

Prescribed activities in this manual should not be restricted and that dentists should develop improvements applicable to the existing dynamic environment, and that should be responsive to the needs of our clients.



Center for excellence in dental health care

Vision statement:

Develop into a Center for excellence in dental health care through efficient and effective delivery of dental health care services for the region, in consonance with the health programs envisioned by the Western Visayas Medical Center, as center of excellence.


A dental health care program in the hospital setting that will create awareness and establish oral health care status of dental patients, strengthen the technical skills of dental health practitioners in order to provide the highest quality dental service that can be affordable but competitive with that of private dental services in the region.

Services Offered

  • Outpatient dental consultation
  • Dental extraction
  • Odontectomy
  • Inpatient dental surgery
  • Dental restoration
  • Patience referral