For the past 50 years of existence WVMC evolved from being an Emergency Hospital to a Provincial Hospital and finally as a Medical Center. There was a dramatic change in the quality of health care delivery system being delivered to our patients in this health care institution. These changes were brought about by the advancement in research, science, technology, communication, and health management systems. All these changes affect the practice of nursing as a profession.


Nursing was viewed differently as it was 50 years ago as both the Academe and Clinical Nursing Practice are viewed as separate entities. Now, there exist an active collaboration between the two as a product of innovation and improvement in leadership mindset. 


While these happened, there is also an increase in consultations and admissions in most health care facilities. In effect, our local setting has become responsive to the call of services directly influencing population’s perspective on poor health practices, unhealthy lifestyle and traditional beliefs.


The Nursing Service has become proactive to the health needs and problems of patients. It is expected to operate optimally and work with meager resources available without compromising the life and safety of the patients. Despite the limited resources, nurses are challenged to provide quality nursing care and uphold standards in optimum practice. 


As a teaching and training hospital, it is also a challenge to update nurses of the standard practices of nursing comparable and competitive with the global practice of nursing. This is done through continuous seminars, trainings and updates conducted locally and internationally all year round.



The Western Visayas Medical Center - Nursing Service believes that patients have the right to receive holistic care regardless of their race, age, creed, gender, and socio economic status.



A division of excellence in quality nursing care, comprehensive education, training, and research to nursing personnel and affiliates



To provide nursing care to clientele through comprehensive training and research of nursing personnel and affiliates